Videos for Davidson-Davie Community College

Davidson-Davie Community College

DDCC has a huge impact in the rapidly growing region of North Carolina in Davidson and Davie Counties. DDCC has a continued commitment to providing the best education possible, helping the local workforce prepare for the changing demands of industry, and always working to help improve the community.

Our Partnership with Davidson-Davie Community College

At Jaymes Agency, we take pride in our continued collaboration with Davidson-Davie Community College. We have worked together on a variety of projects, including:

Branding Videos: We have created powerful and engaging branding videos to showcase the college's commitment to excellence in education and community engagement, helping to attract new students and raise awareness about the institution.
Course Promotions: Our team has developed compelling promotional materials for a variety of DDCC courses, highlighting the advantages of enrolling in these high-quality educational programs.
Spanish CTE Program Commercials for TV: We have produced TV commercials targeting the Hispanic community, promoting the college's Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs and demonstrating DDCC's commitment to inclusivity and diversity

Building Success Together

At Jaymes Agency, we are proud to support the growth and success of Davidson-Davie Community College through our expertise in marketing, branding, and promotional video productions &  video marketing campaigns. Our collaboration has not only helped to increase the college's visibility and appeal to prospective students, but it has also contributed to the economic and social development of the communities served by DDCC.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with Davidson-Davie Community College, leveraging our mutual strengths to create even more opportunities for students and the community at large.

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