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Open Source MD, a North Carolina-based healthcare management firm, revolutionizes the healthcare sector with its unique free-market system. This innovative model creates mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships between hospitals and physicians across the country, irrespective of their locations. By providing highly qualified physicians to hospitals via long-term contracts at no charge, Open Source MD successfully addresses the challenges of fragmented care, staff management, and high operational costs in healthcare institutions, leading to improved quality of care, cost reductions, and increased remuneration for physicians​​.

In their journey towards enhancing the healthcare sector, Open Source MD found a strategic partner in the Jaymes Agency. Our role involved utilizing video marketing to raise awareness about Open Source MD's unique solutions. This partnership played a significant role in enhancing their brand visibility and increasing their conversions and conversations, ultimately contributing to their overall company growth. By strategically showcasing the value and potential of Open Source MD's model, we have been privileged to support their mission and be a part of their remarkable growth journey.

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